Sunday, July 21st 2024

The Magicians

Magic Al

Magic Al Garber is a celebrated magician whose vibrant performances have enchanted audiences for years. With a career rooted in the art of illusion and sleight of hand, comedy, and improv, Magic Al has established himself as a beloved figure in the world of magic. His shows are a delightful blend of mystifying tricks, comedic elements, and engaging storytelling, making them a hit for audiences of all ages. From private parties and school events to corporate gatherings and public festivals, Magic Al’s versatile performances have made him a sought-after entertainer who can adapt to any audience and occasion.

One of the pinnacles of Magic Al’s illustrious career is his successful Off-Broadway show, “It’s a Magic-Al World.” This show brought his mesmerizing tricks and charismatic stage presence to one of the most prestigious platforms in the entertainment industry. “Magic Al Live!” was met with rave reviews, drawing large crowds and solidifying his status as a top-tier magician. His ability to captivate audiences in such a competitive environment speaks volumes about his talent and showmanship. New York magazine recognized this excellence by naming him “Best Kids Magician in New York”, a testament to his skill and the joy he brings to his audiences.

A hallmark of Magic Al’s performances is his ability to create a sense of wonder and excitement, leaving spectators in awe with his impressive array of tricks and illusions. Whether making objects disappear, pulling rabbits out of hats, or reading minds, Magic Al’s acts are executed with precision and flair. Through his performances and educational efforts, Magic Al entertains and inspires, fostering a new generation of magicians who share his enthusiasm and dedication to the art of illusion.

Magic Al’s mom is still disappointed that he didn’t become a doctor.

Keith Leaf

Keith Leaf is an award-winning juggler who has captivated audiences worldwide with his dynamic shows and exceptional skill. Over his extensive career, Keith has become a prominent figure in the juggling community, known for his ability to blend technical expertise with engaging showmanship. His performances are a high-energy mix of intricate juggling routines, comedic elements, and audience interaction, making each show a unique and memorable experience. From local festivals to international events, Keith’s versatile acts have earned him a reputation as a top-tier entertainer who can connect with audiences of all ages.

Keith Leaf’s performances are characterized by his use of diverse props, such as balls, clubs, rings, and even flaming torches, which showcase his extensive juggling abilities. His passion for juggling extends beyond entertaining; he is also a dedicated teacher, often conducting workshops to inspire and mentor aspiring jugglers, thereby reinforcing his commitment to the art form and its future. Keith’s client list is extensive, and he has appeared at numerous prestigious venues like New Year’s Eve in Times Square, the Metropolitan Opera House, and America’s Got Talent.

Mike Maione

Mike Maione, affectionately known as the Silly Magician, will host the show. Mike is a beloved entertainer known for his unique blend of comedy and magic. With a knack for making audiences laugh while simultaneously leaving them spellbound, Mike has carved out a niche for himself in the world of family entertainment. His performances are characterized by playful humor, clever illusions, and a lively interaction with his audience. Whether performing strolling magic in small, intimate settings or on stage, Mike’s engaging style and infectious energy ensure that his shows are memorable experiences for children and adults alike.

Mike also teaches magic, offering workshops and classes to aspiring magicians. Mike is a member of the prestigious 4F. He has performed at Smoke and Mirrors Magic Theatre in Pennsylvania, The Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, The Dickens Parlour Theatre in Delaware, and on stage at the Magic Circle in London. Mike is a lecturer and magic reviewer with a large following. He is also a magic creator who designs and creates magic for other magicians.

Ticket Information

Tickets: $20